Opinion Bear’s philosophy on weight management


It has come to my attention, that many people are concerned about their weight. Some people want it to go up, but many people do not want it to go up. My philosophy is most applicable to people who do not want it to go up, or even want it to go down.

Here is my undefeated strategy for weight management*.

Step 1: Knowledge

In particular, it’s good to know three things about each food object you consider eating.

  1. the calories – this can be found on the internet
  2. the satiety (how full you get from eating the food) – this is harder to find on the internet, and you may have to pay attention to your own experience to build this knowledge. In general, fats and proteins have higher satiety than sugars and carbs.
  3. the joy (how much pleasure happiness you get from eating the food) – this you will have to decide for yourself.

Step 2: Fake math

With this knowledge, you can now make more informed decisions about the food objects you eat. Before you eat a food object ask the internet: what is the calories? then ask yourself: what is the satiety? what is the joy? Then, ask yourself what is the satiety to calorie ratio of this food? If it’s high (meaning the food has high satiety, but low calories) then it’s a smart food object to eat for weight loss. If it’s low, you may not want to eat it. However, you should still ask yourself what is the joy to calorie ratio? If it’s high (meaning the food brings a lot of joy compared to the calories it has) then you may decide it’s worth eating for your mouth pleasure and smiles.

Don’t worry, since satiety and joy don’t have real numbers associated with them, you don’t have to do real math.

Step 3: Priorities

Equipped with your new knowledge and fake math, it comes down to your priorities. If you want to focus on weight loss at all costs, only focus on eating high satiety to calorie ratio foods. If you want to focus on maximizing your eating pleasure without gaining too much weight, you may want to focus on eating high joy to calorie ratio foods. For most people it will be balance between the two.



Examples of high satiety to calorie ratio foods: vegetables, eggs, plain yogurt, pickles

Examples of high joy to calorie ratio foods: fruits, bacon, avocado, buffalo wings (without ranch)


*This strategy has not been defeated only because there is no established measurement of when such a strategy would be defeated and also because it has mainly only been tried by me. Full disclosure, I weigh 10 pounds more than I would like to.


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